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Luxury Adventure to Argentina

If countries could walk, Argentina would swagger.  Covering an area of over a million square miles, it encompasses the richness and diversity of an entire continent.

Our team has lived and worked here for many years. Argentina is, after all, where Plan South America was conceived.  Our experience in shaping luxury and adventure holidays in the region is unmatched.

From the elegant cobblestone boulevards, tango halls, century-old cafes and designer boutiques of Buenos Aires, Argentina unfolds through thousands of miles of flat pampa into the rolling sierras of Cordoba and the vineyards of Mendoza, before soaring into the Andes – the country’s impressively rugged border with Chile.

To the north, soaring peaks, cactus forests and lunar landscapes give way to subtropical jungle, wetlands and Iguazu, some of the world’s most stunning waterfalls.

To the south, Patagonia embraces snow-capped peaks, crystalline lakes and immense glaciers. Adventure here abounds – imagine diving with penguins, heli-skiing immaculate powder, fly fishing brown trout, or finishing a day of white water rafting sleeping in a tree-house, resting under the skies of one of the last great wildernesses.

Get in touch with our team of experts in London and Buenos Aires to start planning your next Argentina adventure.

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Argentina, best time to visit | Plan South America
Best time to travel

November – April

Flight time to Argentina | Plan South America
Flight time

from London / New York: 14.5 / 11 hours

Argentina combines well with | Plan South America
Combines Well With

Chile, Uruguay or Brazil

Argentina read | Plan South America

W.H. Hudson – Far Away & Long Ago

Listen to Argentina | Plan South America

To Tango (Try Siempre es Carnaval by Roberto Ray)

Eat in Argentina | Plan South America
Eat & Drink

The best beef in the world / Malbec

What people say

  • Just to let you know how appreciative I am for our excellent trip. I am so glad that we followed your advice and went to Salta, all of the accommodation was excellent and exactly the sort of experience and ambiance that we were looking for.
  • I cannot tell you what an amazing time we are having. Everything has been better and more fun than we could have imagined. We are at the moment in our own private estancia in the most incredible setting with not another guest in sight. How did you manage it?! We have been riding up to the top of hills and watching the gauchos herd and grade the cattle and all the while being given delicious food and drink. Your choice of restaurants throughout has been faultless. Not a duff one anywhere. Hero has been wonderful. Efficient and thorough and able to sort out everything we threw at her - a star. So, although we are thankfully not even half way through our adventure, I wanted to just let you know what an amazing holiday you have organised for us. Will be in touch again but have to go now as the gin and tonic is waiting!


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