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A luxury vacation in Peru, combines remarkable scenery with rich Andean culture and fascinating history. This is a land of adventure and discovery, of enchanting colonial cities, buzzy market towns and wild and exotic characters and customs. Its Pacific capital, Lima, is the gastronomic powerhouse of South America.

Peru is also the best country for journeys into the Amazon, one of the last true frontiers on earth. And of course, there is always that most magnificent of ancient mountain top citadels, Machu Picchu and, at its gateway, resplendent Cusco. As we know, there are multiple ways to explore such ruins and cultural strongholds. A luxury vacation in Peru is about maximizing time where culture is high but also unique and original. Stay in the most authentic and local of properties with excellent service at the center of your journey.

We love sending our guests soaring over the Nazca Lines, or to visit remote Indian communities to learn the art of weaving. We organise private recitals from local musicians and access to prized art collections. How about hiking in blissful solitude through the Choquequirao to be greeted by a surprise picnic, or enjoying pisco sours with views over the immense Colca Canyon, twice as deep as its American counterpart?

The trick, as ever, is to combine the must-sees with a few fabulously off-piste experiences. We like to think we have the knowledge and contacts to get that balance just right for your luxury vacation in Peru.

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Best time to travel

May – September (though a year-round destination)

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from US vs London: 12hrs30mins from London (direct) & 5hrs30mins from Miami (direct)

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Ceviche & Pisco Sour

What people say

  • We're back in London and missing Peru terribly, longing for a ceviche and one of Hernan's special pisco sours. You organised a true tour de force. We'll be boring everyone for months with tales of train journeys through the Andes and boats down the Amazon. I have sent a little something to your office in thanks. You were BRILLIANT!


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