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Riding Holidays

We organise horse riding holidays throughout South and Central America.  Most properties offer good horses and a handful specialise in top-class riding holidays, where the quality of mounts matches the splendour of landscapes and the warmth and knowledge of local guides.  While there are always exceptions, our favourite horseback riding experiences tend to be in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.

You can ride from estancia to estancia, stopping to cast a line or dip into electric-blue glacier meltwater lakes; or join the gauchos on cattle drives, sleeping under canvas and cooking over campfires. All these experiences are tailored to meet the personal needs of each guest and can be as raw or as pampered as you choose, depending on the estancia and region.

To give you an idea of what your horse riding holiday could look like, we’ve picked one of our favourite 7-day itineraries in Argentina:

Day 1 Section

Fly to San Martin de Los Andes and transfer to the shores of Falkner Lake. You will zip across the water by motorboat to where your horses will be waiting to take you up to basecamp (2 hours). After settling into your large, comfortable tents, you will enjoy sundown with views over the immense Patagonian landscape.

Day 2 Section

Rise early to a hearty breakfast. Your gaucho will lead you for the 3-hour ride down the valley, bordering the lake where you will stop for an asado lunch. The afternoon ride will take you on a slightly more challenging path, traversing the mountains. Afterwards, you’ll arrive back at base camp around 6pm to shower and unwind by the river with a glass of Malbec.

What people say

  • 'We have just returned from a remarkable trip to Argentina & Chile. My family & I have had the experience of a lifetime. PSA did a superb job of organising the trip and their attention to detail was amazing. We're looking forward to the our next adventure with you!"
  • All your arrangements worked faultlessly and you gave us a wonderful breadth of experience in Argentina and Uruguay, from swimming in the S Atlantic to trekking in the foothills of the Andes.

Day 3 Section

The horses will be well packed with supplies for your night at the fly camp. This small, remote camp sits high in a sheltered glade in the mountains. You’ll face a challenging day crossing the ‘Pass of Tears’. This is not for the faint hearted and can be testing, but is incredibly rewarding! The ride climaxes with spectacular panoramic views over the Boque mountain. Sitting around the fire with the gauchos, glass in hand, you will be prepared a traditional Argentine stew.

Day 4 Section

Bidding farewell to fly camp, you will descend the valley and follow the river. Stop to plunge into the cooling water and enjoy another delicious asado. Then it’s back to the comfort of the camp for a well-earned shower and rest.

We understand the importance of good horses, informative guides, hardy adventure and, of course, safety. That’s why we test every experience before offering it to our clients.  Whether grading cattle with the gauchos, traversing the Andes or searching for the remotest outpost in Patagonia, we have just the place for you.

Plan A Ride

Day 5 Section

Today you will have time to relax and enjoy fly camp, reading, swimming in the river, fishing, perhaps a picnic. Those so inclined can head out for an afternoon of horseback riding, but remember it’s a long day tomorrow!

Day 6 Section

Wake to the smell of scrambled eggs and bacon at the fly camp. Your gauchos will lead you on the 4-hour ascent to the traditional homestead of Felipe Chandia on the shores of Lake Traful.  You will spend the night in his beautiful (and comfortable) barn.

Day 7 Section

Enjoy a morning ride along the river and a quick swim before lunch. Afterwards, you will be taken to the lake crossing where you will be met and driven to Bariloche airport.