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Francis Mallmann - Patagonia Island - Lunch Outdoors

We have curated a collection of our favourite luxury adventures that are best suited to a small party.  We keep each group to a maximum of twelve. How about setting out into the Andean foothills on horseback with the gauchos; scaling smouldering volcanoes in Nicaragua; sailing the Amazon in Peru; learning the art of fire cooking on Francis Mallmann’s private island; or discovering the private art collections and salsa clubs of Havana?

Just leave it to us to fill each small group with kindred spirits and get ready for the journey of a lifetime.

The Inside Track

What people say

  • We're somewhere over the Atlantic, going through my pics from the past 10 days. You have some very happy people here. Huge kudos for bringing together such a fun crowd. Floriana was INCREDIBLE - what a magical place that is. And we’re all pro surfers now. Obviously! Thank you for such for a wonderful time - we all agree it was pitched to perfection. Milly was a complete star throughout!