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Our Impact


At Plan South America, our passion lies in the transformative power of travel, serving not just as a gateway to discovery but as a profound force for positive global change.

Our greatest responsibility is to enlighten our travellers and help shape a future in which travel actively contributes to the health and vitality of our planet.

We take pride in our partnerships with a distinguished range of foundations focused on the protection of vulnerable communities and their natural habitats.

In collaboration with local tourist boards, sustainability experts and conservationists, we aim for complete carbon neutrality in each journey we curate.

Choosing Plan South America for your travels means embracing the chance to explore and effect tangible change. A contribution starting at US$150 per traveler is allocated to meticulously vetted initiatives across Latin America, a commitment Plan South America is proud to match.

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World Land Trust

By partnering with the World Land Trust, we aim to dramatically reduce the footprint of our staff, and that of each journey we create.

The emissions from every trip are calculated and the equivalent is donated to Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA), an expansive ecological reserve in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

Plan South America then matches the amount in a step closer to carbon positivity. We are mindful of our footprint from the moment the planning stage begins, and try to ensure all processes and operations reflect our commitment to the environment.


“The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.”

Sir David Attenborough
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Amazon Frontlines

With a skilled team comprised of human rights lawyers, environmental health scientists, forestry specialists and anthropologists, the mission of Amazon Frontlines is to help indigenous communities to defend their rights to land, life and cultural survival in the Amazon Rainforest.

They work closely with Ceibo, an indigenous-led Ecuadorian non-profit organisation made up of voices from four different indigenous communities spread across the Peruvian and Colombian borders, and the first alliance of its kind in this region.


“A love of wild and beautiful places demands participation in the fight to save them.”

Children Change Colombia | Plan South America

Children Change Colombia

By providing mentoring, psychological support and protection to the children of communities in Colombia’s most endangered regions, Children Change aims to secure the safety and wellbeing of those most at risk of being recruited into guerrilla or paramilitary groups, prostitution or illegal mining.


Travel with Purpose

We try to incorporate a social or ecological purpose into all of our trips. Some clients choose to devote part or all of their time to a local initiative. Whether building community infrastructure, delivering health and education supplies to rural areas, teaching English or helping with wildlife conservation, volunteers can positively impact the people and places they visit.


Travel should be an enriching experience that not only brings joy but respects and benefits the people & places we encounter.


As part of our commitment to responsible tourism, we are dedicated to following the principles of Regenerative Travel so that we can leave a positive impact on the destinations we explore.

Here are some key points to keep in mind during your travels:

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Cultivating Cultural Understanding

  • Approach your host country with a genuine desire to learn about its people and their customs.
  • Familiarise yourself with local traditions and be mindful of your actions, ensuring they are respectful and considerate.
  • Embrace the opportunity to engage with locals, asking questions and learning a few words of the native language.
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Embracing Different Perspectives

  • Recognise that time concepts and approaches may differ from yours in the countries you visit.
  • Respect local perspectives and adapt to their rhythm and way of life.

Respecting People and Places

  • Avoid treating locals as mere subjects of your photographs. Always seek permission before taking pictures, respecting their preferences and privacy.
  • Refrain from making promises unless you can fulfill them. It is important to maintain trust and respect within the local community.
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Nurturing the Natural Environment

  • Be mindful of your impact on the environment during your travels. Avoid picking flowers, removing seeds, or damaging coral reefs.
  • Refrain from purchasing souvenirs that exploit wildlife, such as shells, teeth and skins. Remember, all wildlife sightings are a gift and should not be taken for granted.
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Supporting Local Communities

  • Put money into the hands of local people by opting for locally produced food and beverages.
  • Choose locally owned and operated accommodations, favouring smaller establishments that contribute directly to the local economy.
  • When shopping, even during bargaining, inject humor and remember that fair prices ensure fair wages for local artisans.