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Family and Sabbatical

Family & Sabbatical

There are few experiences more rewarding than watching your children discover something for the first time.  At Plan South America, nothing creates more vivid family memories like an incredible adventure or sabbatical together.

We strike the balance to ensure each member of your family gets the most at every stage of the journey. Whether exploring Andean market villages; kayaking down Amazon tributaries; surfing the Pacific; exploring diverse marine life in the Galapagos, or casually brushing up on some Spanish or Portuguese with split-level family classes; the opportunities for fun and learning in South and Central America are boundless.

We have a book of excellent nannies in each location and often craft sabbatical style trips for families of all sizes and ages. These, of course, require an entirely different approach and a strong emphasis on growth and learning whilst not losing that spark and atmosphere of an extended vacation. The key to sabbatical travel is getting the pace right, and choosing suitable properties along the way.  To avoiding burning out, we always recommend longer stays in private estancias and haciendas, allowing for full immersion in the local environment, rather than exhausting everybody by pin-balling around the continent.

If you’re considering taking your family on a sabbatical adventure, we would be happy to provide references from families who have enjoyed 3-6 month long journeys with us in Latin America.

For the astronomy buffs amongst us! Don’t miss the opportunity to experience totality of the solar eclipse in Northern Patagonia this December with your children. We have a few remaining spaces for the December 14th solar eclipse in Patagonia along with the 2021 eclipse in Antarctica.

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What people say

  • Harry, this is one of the most wonderful places I have ever been. You have done brilliantly to get us here. Gabriela and Nico are heavenly. The estancia itself clearly in the top drawer of world class destinations. Mariano was a really warm, helpful and interesting guide. Santi is pure Premier League of course. It has been the trip of a lifetime. Thanks again to your clever team. Our minds are spinning - for all the right reasons.