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Regenerative Travel | 700’000 Heures Impact comes to Peru

Here at Plan South America, we believe in the role of travel as not only a powerful key for broadening the mind and nurturing the soul – but as a foundational tool to preserve communities and cultures across the globe. All too often, those regions we find ourselves most drawn to for their beauty and cultural richness are vulnerable – such as the jungles of the Amazon.

Making up over 60% of Peru’s territory, this wilderness of cloud and rainforest ecosystems is often referred to as Earth’s lungs – keeping atmospheric systems healthy across the globe.

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The 700’000 Heures Impact Story

Plan South America is excited to offer a new way to experience the luxuriant jungles of the Peruvian Amazon, from the regenerative hospitality pioneers 700’000 Heures Impact.

700’000 calls on the expertise of Thierry Teyssier, a master of his craft in creating authentic travel experiences in hard-to-reach regions, alongside the founder of Regenopolis, Diane Binder.

Together they curate a wandering hotel that traverses the globe operating on the desires of their guests – not restrictive itineraries.

700’000 acts as a bridge between travellers and local communities to ensure they mutually enrich one another, by providing training whilst creating environmental and cultural preservation projects along the way.

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An adventure to the remote Peruvian Amazon


Here, take an exploration into the rich ecosystem of the Peruvian Amazon, experiencing the ancestral knowledge of its communities.

The 700’000 site is situated within Peru’s biodiversity haven; the protected area Cordillera Escalera, at the village of Progreso. Resting between the Andes and the eastern jungles, this region was barely known to scientists until 2013, it’s ecologically distinct position between the mountains and jungle provides a convergence point for both ecosystem’s wildlife to meet.

Here, guests can explore the wilds of primary-growth rainforests, from the sounds of waterfalls and rivers, to experiencing wildlife like nowhere else on Earth; such as spectacled bears, howler monkeys, and jaguars.

In a secluded rainforest lodge…


Teyssier’s team take on roles as curators, hosts, guides, and chefs, tailoring each traveller’s experience to match their desires.

The site hosts 5 cabins with panoramic views of the surrounding national parks, where guests dine on local cuisines from produce grown on their doorstep, treated to nourishing wellness experiences, and taken on private trails to explore the cloud and rainforests with local experts who call this region home.

If residents are feeling adventurous they are welcome to wander up to the observatory tower, where they’re welcome to spend the night stargazing among the canopy.


During a stay in the rainforest lodge, guests will be offered other imbuing experiences, like partaking in an ongoing species identification project to identify rainforest flora and fauna. This involves the opportunity to collect eDNA traces and night camera installations that will take guests deep into the forest.

They will be introduced to the tiny stingless Meloponia bee, and shown the ways of harvesting the most highly sought-after honey in the world, and even experience creating chocolate in the heart of a cocoa plantation.



Amazon Monkeys

These projects all contribute towards an ongoing program of conservation and reforestation of the Peruvian Amazon that aids the gathering of biodiversity knowledge in these regions. Together, this research helps to build a better understanding of the intricate ecosystem, and further create effective ways to preserve the region.

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