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Buenos Aires combines the elegance of its European heritage with a character that is unmistakably Argentine.

We know the city’s hotels inside out and work with only a handful of favourites. If there is an upgrade available, we will get it for you. Our services in the capital run from restaurant reservations and tango shows to arranging access to private art collections and boxes at the fabulous Teatro Colón.

Leaving Buenos Aires, the Pampas stretch out to the south and west. This is the land of the gaucho, tending cattle amid an empty horizon and cooking home-reared beef over open fires. We organise polo holidays for all levels and offer a selection of the loveliest estancias where you can ride, play a few chukkas, swim, and relax, whilst enjoying the famously generous local hospitality.

Porteño rhythms

Buenos Aires seamlessly blends European sophistication with Latin American energy.

The city’s neighborhoods, from the old town of San Telmo to elegant Recoleta and vibey Chacarita, each has a very distinct character, atmosphere and architecture.

Gastronomy is a highlight, with fabulous steakhouses and charming cafés dotting the streets, alongside independent venues for music and art.

Heading inland, the immense plains of Las Pampas provide a calming counterpoint to city life. This region, emblematic of Argentine rural traditions, invites visitors to experience the gaucho way of life, complete with horseback riding, artisanal traditions and asado barbecues.

Beyond Buenos Aires

Most trips to Argentina will begin in the capital, but where next?


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