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Mexico presents a kaleidoscope of fiery foods, pristine coastline, indigenous traditions, grand colonial architecture and vast expanses of wilderness.

In Mexico City, art and gastronomy thrive. In the sleepy surrounding countryside, colourful traditional villages sit between cactus desert and soaring mountains.

Culture and heritage are proudly celebrated in Chiapas and Oaxaca, regions lauded for their artisanal creativity, vibrant festivals and, of course, Mezcal!

Unearthing the lost cities of ancient Maya, deep in the Yucatan jungle, is an unmissable experience. And we certainly wouldn’t recommend travelling to Mexico without sampling some of its extraordinary beaches!

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  • Yucatan Peninsula
  • Flower Market, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Mexico City Bellas Artes Museum
    Mexico City
  • Riviera Maya
  • Bacalar
Argentina, best time to visit | Plan South America
Best time to travel

December – April

Flight time to Argentina | Plan South America
Flight time

from London / New York: 11.5 / 5 hours (both direct)

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Argentina read | Plan South America

Carlos Fuentes – The Years With Laura Díaz

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Eat in Argentina | Plan South America
Eat & Drink

Enchiladas & mezcal

What people say

  • Many thanks for organising this trip for us the way you did. The itinerary you put together was first class and exceeded all expectations.
  • I cannot tell you what an amazing time we are did you manage it?!
  • We were delighted with the trip we have just completed to Brazil and Argentina. We walked down Copacabana beach, watched a tapir swim past our canoe in the Pantanal, were submerged in the Iguazu falls, conquered desert and vineyards in northwest Argentina, experienced a snowstorm in the Andes, fed Cayman off horseback and enjoyed a tango show in probably the finest city in South America. A truly memorable experience: we have no hesitation in recommending Plan South America.

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