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We all have a different idea of wellness. Some seek soothing spa treatments; others find peace and relaxation in nature.

Given the diversity of cultures and natural landscapes in Latin America, each region offers diverse wellness experiences. Breathe the mountain air of Patagonia. Feel the therapeutic benefits of wildflower picking in the grasslands and forest bathing amongst ancient lenga trees. Rise early to hear the dawn chorus ring across the Argentine pampas. Or meditate to the sounds of a waterfall in the rainforests of Costa Rica.

Elsewhere in Latin America, you might recharge in steamy hot springs beneath the immense desert skies of the Atacama desert, or explore the healing properties of Amazonian plants in a shamanic ceremony.

Yet another way to feed both body and soul might be feasting on tropical fruits and fresh seafood on a remote island off the coast of Nicaragua.

For further inspiration, our team of experts are always on hand. We can help you plan a luxurious escape tailored to your specific interests.


We can organise wellness experiences to any corner of Latin America, but here go some of our favourites:

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