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Luxury Adventure to Bolivia

Bolivia is landlocked, sparsely populated and packed with extraordinary scenery, including sweeping savannahs, soaring Andean peaks, the immense Lake Titicaca, the glittering salt flats of Uyuni and swathes of pristine rainforest.  Nature here plays by its own rules.

Most trips to Bolivia require a strong sense of adventure.  We use 4x4s, helicopters and a local team of artists, geologists, astrologers and chefs to craft unparalleled experiences to the remotest reaches of the country.  For the ultimate adventure, we recommend combining with Chile, Argentina or Peru.

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Argentina, best time to visit | Plan South America
Best time to travel

May – October

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Flight time

from London / New York: 13 / 8.5 hours

Argentina combines well with | Plan South America
Combines Well With

Chile or Peru

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What people say

  • I just wanted to say what a triumph the whole expedition was. All brilliantly arranged by you and your team. And I really don't think I would have changed a thing. We adored it all and felt we spent just the right amount of time at each place. Each hotel . was stunning. Best rooms, very quiet, very big and with great views. And really good food at all of them. You also successfully managed to minimise or vary the travel - which was quite an achievement considering the distances we covered. Catching very early or late pm flights where possible really works as you don't waste the day. We loved our guides . All very intelligent, well informed and spoke excellent English. So, a thousand thanks. We will be recommending you and PlanSouthAmerica to all our friends. Tom and I are already talking about a return next February.


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