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Zapallar & Valparaíso


Zapallar is a fishing village and beach on the Chilean Pacific, two hours northwest of Santiago.

The Pacific port town of Valparaíso is a charming clutter of steeply winding cobblestone streets.

Holiday homes dot the hillside, old and grand, funky and modern, chic and boho. Zapallar Beach is one of our absolute favourites, and we have the keys to some exceptional local properties.

The atmosphere here is quietly refined and family-orientated, with Chileans making up 90% of its visitors. Strict building regulations have enabled the town to remain almost unchanged over the years.

To the south, through the orchards and vineyards of the Casablanca Valley, Valparaíso is dotted with brightly painted houses and crumbling 19th century mansions. Once a playground for European immigrants, its landscaped gardens, sandy beaches, and superb restaurants now provide a retreat for wealthy Santiago residents escaping the capital.

Explore Valparaíso on foot, hop aboard one of the funicular railways, or visit the village of nearby Isla Negra made famous by the Nobel Prize-winning poet, Pablo Neruda.


Zapallar, Valparaíso, and the Pacific Coast offer a serene escape into the lap of luxury and cultural richness.

Nestled along a stunning stretch of coastline, Zapallar presents an idyllic setting with its pristine beach, flanked by holiday homes ranging from the grandly traditional to the modernly eccentric. This seaside town, cherished for its understated elegance and family-friendly atmosphere, draws a crowd predominantly of Chileans, preserving its authentic charm and tranquility through careful town planning and architectural preservation.

Valparaíso, a jewel to the south, weaves through orchards and vineyards of the Casablanca Valley to reveal a vibrant port city alive with history and bohemian spirit. Its maze of cobblestone streets, adorned with a tapestry of brightly colored homes and historic mansions, echoes tales of its past as a haven for European immigrants. Today, Valparaíso’s enchanting gardens, sandy beaches, and exquisite dining experiences attract Santiago’s elite, looking for a picturesque retreat from city life.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Valparaíso by exploring its labyrinthine alleys on foot, riding its iconic funiculars for breathtaking views, or discovering the poetic legacy of Pablo Neruda in the nearby village of Isla Negra. Each corner of this Pacific Coast paradise, from the quiet sophistication of Zapallar to the rich cultural tapestry of Valparaíso, promises an unforgettable journey through Chile’s scenic beauty and heritage, where every moment is a brushstroke on a canvas of unforgettable memories.


Chile captivates with its dramatic landscapes, from the arid Atacama Desert to icy Patagonia. Rich in history and culture, it blends ancient sites, vibrant cities, and welcoming communities. From bustling Santiago to the mysterious Moai of Easter Island, embark on a journey of exploration and flavor, where unique culinary delights and world-renowned wines await.

Valparaiso | Chile | South America


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