Estancia El Cóndor

Estancia El Cóndor


Nestled amid the windswept pampa of the Patagonian wilderness, Estancia El Cóndor embodies this region’s rugged charm and warm hospitality.

Surrounded by mountains and the vast expanse of Lago San Martin, expect breathtaking views from all over the property.

With soaring condors overhead, a rich history and a focus on fly fishing, the estancia is a sanctuary for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

What we love about Estancia El Cóndor

  • Immerse yourself in the simple, laid-back lifestyle of Patagonian gauchos.
  • Feel small amid landscapes of towering mountains and an expansive lake view.
  • Relish home-cooked meals that connect you to the region’s flavours.
  • Learn about Patagonian history with a focus on conservation.
  • Stay in rustic, cosy rooms (of which there are just 6 on site) that perfectly complement the rugged surroundings.
  • Make yourself at home in the guest house, complete with a library and crackling fireplace.
What to do at Estancia El Condor

Those keen to explore Patagonia on horseback will easily find their pace

Adventure out into Patagonia, either on horseback or with hikes along the estancia’s mountainous ridges. Trails lead to viewpoints where Andean condors glide gracefully overhead, while other paths take you to waterfalls and lakes. Guided treks offer deeper insights into the terrain, while hand-drawn maps help visitors navigate alone.

Try your hand at fly fishing or simply sit back and admire the wildlife. Evenings are best spent in the guest house, sharing stories around the fire and perusing the library’s collection of books on the region’s history and nature.

Estancia El Cóndor

Estancia El Condor is a five-hour drive from El Calafate, across paved and gravel roads.

El Calafate has an international airport to which you can fly direct from Buenos Aires.

Private transportation can be arranged on request.

Estancia El Condor

When to Travel

October to March

The best time to visit is during the warmer months from October to March. During this period, the temperatures are milder, and the surroundings bloom into life, providing excellent conditions for outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking, and fishing.

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