Hacienda Montezuma


Hacienda Montezuma is a 1,500-hectare working cattle farm that sits in the shadow of the Tenorio Volcano in northern Costa Rica.

The Montezuma experience provides a privileged window onto life on a traditional Costa Rican hacienda. Guests will be able to explore the breathtaking surroundings before returning to their comfortable rooms.

What we love about Hacienda Montezuma

  • Floriana, Montezuma’s inimitable owner and host, who supercharges the experience
  • The Montezuma community – each guide and member of staff more charming than the next
  • Each week, every member of staff receives a care box from the farm packed with mango, avocado, yuca, plantain and malanga
  • The accommodation, beautifully decorated with spoils from Floriana’s travels
What to do at Hacienda Montezuma

Enjoy a dip in the freshwater lake or go cattle rustling on horseback. There is a cacao farm down the road which produces some of the best chocolate in the region.

Rafting and fishing along the Tenorio River, and hikes to secret waterfalls and natural pools are easily arranged. There are spoiling picnics by day and barbecues by night. Hammocks adorn the wooden veranda for afternoon siestas. Don’t miss an early morning birdwatching tour or a night safari with Donald, whose private reserve is hope to a mesmerising array of fauna and flora.

There are many conservation programmes that guests can join, whether liberating ocelot, puma or jaguarundi onto the hacienda, a reserve for rescued animals, or setting up trap cameras to track the movement of local species.

This is an experience for families or groups of friends to enjoy over the course of five to seven nights.

Hacienda Montezuma

Hacienda Montezuma is located in Guanacaste, in northern Costa Rica. The hacienda is just an hour’s drive from Liberia international airport.

to Travel

Open December through August, the hacienda only receives one party at a time to ensure the experience is as tailored as possible.



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