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Islas Secas


Islas Secas is an island hideout that hosts only 18 guests. Part of a 14-island archipelago, it lolls in Panama’s Pacific Coast.


This remote and unique getaway allows guests to truly immerse themselves in their surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The luxurious accommodations provide all the comforts of home.

What we love about Islas Secas

  • The nine casitas, flanked by tropical gardens and with far-reaching views of the ocean
  • The large bathrooms with indoor-outdoor showers
  • Investor and eco-enthusiast owner Louis Bacon keeps the impact on the environment to a minimum
  • Conservation is a top priority and 75 percent of the archipelago will remain undeveloped
  • The food – locally extracted seafood and freshly caught fish are barbecued on the beach
  • The Hemingway-style bar where post-dinner cocktails are shaken up
What to do at Islas Secas

Set off on diving expeditions from the island’s specialised centre or snorkel in the warm waters among schools of multicoloured fish, eagle rays and white-tip reef sharks.

Marvel as sea turtles and dolphins swim alongside divers.

One of 50 in the world, the Turbine Otter is an amphibious plane with both floats and wheels. On standby for marine safaris, spot whale sharks while the plane makes shadows on the glistening waters.

The nearby Coiba National Park is accessible by boat. Sail through some of Latin America’s most biodiverse waters while saltwater crocodiles prey and noisy howler monkeys swing from the treetops.

Islas Secas

20kms from civilisation, guests can charter a private seaplane for a 45-minute flight direct from Panama City to Islas Secas. Instead of flying, visitors may embark on a 75-minute boat trip from the port, near to domestic airport David. Chugging along the Gulf of Chiriquí, travellers will be regaled with tales of mythical pirates who used to inhabit the volcanic coastline.

to Travel

Islas Secas is closed between August and November due to torrential rains. The best time to visit is between January and April, when days will be hot and sunny.



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