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Le Boreal, L’Austral, Le Soleal & Le Lyrial, Antarctica | Plan South America

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Four purpose built expedition ships, Le Boreal, L’Austral, Le Soleal, and Le Lyrial focus on comfort and technology. All with between 122 and 132 staterooms and suites, the capacity of these four ships is capped at 200 passengers for Antarctic expeditions.

What are the differences between the four ships?

  • The differences between these four ships are mainly decorative
  • Launched in 2010 and with 132 staterooms and suites, Le Boreal boasts grey interiors with subtle touches of red, and has the most yacht-like feel of the four ships
  • Launched in 2011, and also with 132 staterooms and suites, L’Austral was created by French designers, and feels particularly chic and unique
  • Launched in 2013, Le Soleal is known for soft and gentle interiors; think greys, whites, and natural wood
  • Launched in 2015, Le Lyrial is not only the newest of the four ships, but also the smallest, with 122 staterooms and suites

Plan South America
Plan South America
Plan South America
Plan South America
Plan South America
Plan South America
Plan South America

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What to do in Antarctica?

Choose between programs of between 10 and 18 nights.

Sail through incredible frozen seascapes and spot diverse wildlife. Pass through Chile’s Frei Station and Russia’s Bellingshausen Station finding out about life on these barely inhabited islands. 

Discover the stunning landscapes of the South Shetland Islands on the western coast of the Antarctic. Pass majestic icebergs, ice-filled fjords while spotting seabirds, penguins, seals and whales along the way.

Admire the glaciated mountains and ice cliffs of Paradise Harbour. Look on as groups of icebergs calve off the mainland.

Schedules and itineraries remain flexible depending on weather conditions, but there are possibilities to visit the volcanic and geothermally heated Paulet Island and discover Adélie penguin colonies.

Map & location

Start your adventure in Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of South America. From here, you will board your ship and cross the often-tempestuous Drake passage.

Reach Antarctica and begin exploring this incredible continent.

When to Travel

The extreme Antarctic weather means that the season is short – from November to March.

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Whichaway Camp, Antarctica | Plan South America

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