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Road Trips, Plan South America | Chile | 21.02.24

Carretera Austral | Road Tripping Through Remote Chile

Buckle up for one of the world’s great road trips, driving through some 800 miles of pristine Patagonian wilderness.

Through remote villages, past glaciers and volcanoes, deepwater lakes, rivers and fjords, a journey along the Carretera Austral showcases some of the wildest landscapes on Earth. There is a broad range of accommodation along the Carretera Austral, including riverside hideaways, cosy cabins and world class adventure lodges. Itineraries tend to run from 6 to 14 nights.

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As you navigate along the bumpy route, you can plunge into pristine mountain rivers, picnic overlooking electric-blue deepwater lakes, hike active volcanoes, raft down rapids, cast a line for trout or ice-trek over immense glaciers.

This is a journey for adventurous spirits. Swim in pristine mountain rivers, picnic on the shores of vast electric-blue lakes, hike active volcanoes, raft white-water rapids, cast a line in remote creeks and ice-trek on glistening glaciers in the southern wilderness.

The Carretera Austral, or Route 7, starts in Puerto Montt, in the Los Lagos region. It carves its way south through the pristine provinces of Palena and Aysen, before hitting O’Higgins, where the road quite literally runs out. It is impossible to drive any further south in Chile without crossing the Andes into Argentina.

Interested in planning an adventure of your own? Get in touch with our Chile experts to guide you through some of the most unexplored corners of South America. We can provide a driver or pilot to shepherd you from A to B, or we can design a route for you to self drive by 4×4.

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