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Explora Patagonia National Park, Chile | Plan South America

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This Explora lodge sits amidst the open grassland of the Patagonia National Park, one of Chile’s most important eco-restoration and rewilding projects. Along with exceptional guides, discover the beauty of this little visited region of Patagonia.

What we love about Explora Patagonia National Park

  • Beautifully crafted with minimal environmental impact
  • With only 10 bedrooms the atmosphere is intimate and cosy
  • Patagonia National Park boasts rivers, wetlands, mountains, glaciers, lakes and lenga forests
  • Included are nearly three dozen expertly guided full and half day hikes, bike trips, multi-sport adventures including paddling, scenic van excursions and high mountain ascents
  • The park is home to immense wildlife including some rare and endangered species
  • There are 100 different species of bird in the Chacabuco Valley
  • Expeditions focus on exploration, knowledge and conservation of the area
  • Gastronomic experience uses fresh, local products and highlights the gaucho culture and traditions
  • It’s the only formal accommodation within the boundaries of the park

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Plan South America
Plan South America
Plan South America
Plan South America
Plan South America
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What to do at Explora Patagonia National Park?

With its privileged location, Explora’s eco-lodge offers a combination of luxury, adventure and comfort. Each day, select and design expeditions to delve deep into the fascinating landscapes that surround the lodge.

Within Patagonia National Park, there are three diverse regions to explore. At the heart, and where the lodge is located, is the Chacabuco Valley where grasslands reach the foot of the Andes. To the North is the Jeinimeni region, where you can hike past lakes to hanging glaciers and imposing rock formations. To the south is the Tamango region, home to the endangered Andean deer and an abundance of pumas, where you can kayak the Cochrane River rapids.

By night, the lodge offers a luxurious retreat to rest, refuel and share your adventures over delicious wine and exquisite food. 

Make sure to also venture outside of the Patagonia National Park for exceptional day trips to the Queulat National Park, the beautiful Carretera Austral, the Aysen Glacier, the Cerro Castillo mountain range and the Northern Ice Cap.

Map & location

Explora Patagonia National Park lies in the heart of the Chacabuco Valley, within the Aysen Region of Chilean Patagonia.

Explore lodge is a 6 hour drive south of Balmaceda, along the Carretera Austral highway.

There are daily flights to Balmaceda from Santiago, Punta Arenas and Puerto Montt. The lodge transfers guests to and from Balmaceda airport.

When to Travel

In Patagonia you can experience the four seasons in the same day. We recommend travelling between October until March. During these months, the weather is mainly temperate and there is sunlight during most of the day. From March (their Autumn), sunlight hours and temperatures reduce. However, the Patagonia forest becomes tinged with classic autumn colors, including red, ocher and yellow.


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