Estancia Alinco


Estancia Alinco is nestled in a valley deep in Argentina’s northern Patagonian mountains.

Situated in the heart of 5,000 hectares of countryside, Estancia Alinco is flanked by the roaring river Aluminé. Days are spent riding, hiking, rafting and fishing some of the finest rainbow and brown trout in Patagonia.

What we love about Estancia Alinco

  • Owned by Jorge & Celina, Estancia Alinco is a family affair. Guests are made to feel as though they are staying in a private home.
  • Built in 1934, Estancia Alinco is beautifully preserved. With just five rooms, there is space for up to eight people.
  • The design is simple, rustic and comfortable. Each room has a fireplace and is a cosy retreat for relaxation following long days in the countryside.
  • An avid horsewoman, Celina runs a stud alongside her two daughters. The trio is considered to be amongst the top breeders of Quarter Horses in Argentina.
  • The 5,000 hectares of countryside surrounding the Estancia.
  • Mealtimes are a highlight, typically featuring local beef, lamb or Patagonian trout cooked over an open fire, accompanied by homegrown vegetables and Argentine wines.
  • The meditative yoga sessions in the orchard are a blissful end to the day.
What to do at Estancia Alinco

Those keen to explore northern Patagonia on horseback can head into the wilderness on a 6-night ride.

An exclusive and personalised experience, owners Celina and Jorge lead guests personally, only offering the ride three weeks of the year. Groups are small with just eight riders at a time.

Well adapted to Patagonia’s mountainous terrain, Quarter Horses are gentle, strong and resilient, making them excellent steeds for longer trails.

Take in the jaw-dropping landscapes of soaring peaks, rivers and lowland pastures. Try your hand at cattle herding alongside Estancia Alinco’s gauchos, or brave the rapids by raft. Red deer, guanacos, condors, eagles, wild boar, river trout and puma roam the estate.

Long active days under the sun end with meditative yoga sessions in the orchard followed by sundowners.



The Estancia is a 2-hour, 15-minute drive from the airport San Martín de los Andes, where guests can catch a direct flight to Buenos Aires.

Estancia Alinco combines well with further exploration of northern Patagonia’s Lakes Region on both the Argentine & Chilean sides. Travellers may extend their journey to include further fly fishing, hiking or stalking, or perhaps continue south to the glaciers, near El Calafate.

When to Travel

The months of May, July and June see the heaviest rainfall. We recommend visiting the Estancia between March & April or October to December.



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