EcoCamp Patagonia is an award-winning geodesic hotel.

Situated in the very heart of Patagonian wilderness in Torres del Paine National Park, EcoCamp is the first fully sustainable hotel in the region, sprawling across 33 upscale domes inspired by the ancient tribal dwellings that stood before.

What we love about EcoCamp

  • EcoCamp’s domes have been designed after the “leave no trace” dwellings of the ancient Kaweskar tribe
  • There are community domes with a bar, dining areas and terraces to chill and socialise
  • EcoCamp’s Yoga dome has daily classes and overlooks the Patagonian pampas
  • All of EcoCamp’s meals are prepared on-site using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients
  • The domes have skylights so you can fall asleep while gazing at the stars
  • EcoCamp is the only accommodation in Torres del Paine that offers horse tracking
  • EcoCamp offers guided treks, wildlife excursions, puma tracking, boat trips, kayaking, mountain biking and nature trails
  • Located near the trail, it’s possible to walk directly from the camp to the Base of the Towers
What to do at EcoCamp

Days at Our Habitats Atacama are all about finding a delicate balance between relaxation and adventure.

From sailing across glacial lakes and hiking through the Paine mountain range to tracking pumas and exploring the Patagonian steppe, each day, you’ll return to camp exhausted yet inspired.

Put your feet up with a glass of wine after your adventures, treat yourself to a massage or share stories huddled under blankets beneath the stars after refueling with a three-course meal.


EcoCamp Patagonia is located within the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

The two nearby airports are Punta Arena and Puerto Natales. Puerto Natales is only two hours from Torres del Paine; however, there are only a few flights offered each week. Punta Arenas is about five hours from the Torres del Paine National Park, but there are more flights available.

Alternatively, a transfer from El Calafate in Argentine Patagonia takes 3 hours and 45 minutes.

to Travel

In Torres del Paine, each season has its advantages and drawbacks, and any day can be unpredictable!

Summer (December-February) is the high season. During these months, the weather is both warmer and windier.

In Spring (September to November), the landscapes are lush and covered in blossom. By contrast, in Autumn (March to May), the foliage burns red and orange.

The winter season, which lasts from June to August, can be unpredictable but equally stunning with the snow-covered trails.



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