Plan South America | Field Notes | Waddler Clothing Bolivia
Interviews, Plan South America | Bolivia | 24.04.13

Waddler Clothing | Bolivia


Plan South America loves supporting locally-inspired projects – better still when they belong to friends and are eco-friendly.

Waddler Clothing is the creation of Philip and Marina Thompson whose travels in South America inspired this fabulous handmade children’s clothing range. Waddler alpaca designs crafts gloriously soft, warm alpaca wool – washed, dried, hand-spun and dyed in Bolivia by small cooperatives of men and women using ancient traditions passed down over generations in the Andes.

Warmer than cashmere and softer than sheep’s wool, baby alpaca’s luxurious long fibres are hypoallergenic and come from the world’s most eco-friendly woolly animal. Coupled with irresistible designs ensure maximum brownie points for bambino birthdays and Christmases.

Plan South America | Field Notes | Waddler Clothing Bolivia

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Waddler Clothing is one of many initiatives that Plan South America supports in order to promote Andean culture and bolster local artisan communities. What better way to remember your Andean adventures than with a cozy scarf or sweater from Waddler Clothing?



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