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The Best Beaches In Nicaragua | Plan South America


If you’ve been kept up late at night dreaming of crystal clear Caribbean waters or catching the perfect Pacific Coast wave, jump on a flight to Nicaragua.

Plan South America’s favourite Nicaraguan island escape is Yemaya – a 16-room boutique eco-lodge nestled on the shores of Little Corn Island. Inhabited by a mere 800 people, this little Caribbean hideaway is the perfect spot for those looking for an intimate, relaxing beach holiday. As fellow visitors are few and far between, you will be gifted with an impossibly quiet and pristine beach, as well as your own cosy bungalow. We highly suggest staying in the newly redecorated suites with their personal plunge pools for an extra special stay.

Plan South America | Field Notes | The Best Beaches In Nicaragua

Each day here feels incredibly well-spent. Replete with kayaks, paddle boards and snorkelling gear, the lodge also offers opportunities for boat rides, spa treatments and daily yoga sessions. Meals at Yemaya are also a delight, with diverse breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that can be tailored to your preferences. You mustn’t forget to order a few drinks at the hotel’s beach bar as well (Insider Tip: Ask for the drink named after the the hotel’s spicy Italian manager, Frederico, you won’t be disappointed!). The most difficult thing you may have to do during your stay is arrive and depart from the lodge itself – including a 1hr30mins flight from Managua + 1hr boat ride from Big Corn Island. Though a bit of a trek, we guarantee that it is worth the travel time.

If you would rather spend time surfing than snorkelling with nurse sharks, heading to the Pacific is your best bet. With several breathtaking lodges sprawled along the Emerald Coast, you will have the perfect opportunity to relax and catch some waves at the hotels’ private beaches.

Our very favourites are Morgan’s Rock and Mukul, the most private and luxurious of the Emerald Coast options. Here you will find slightly cooler (but still warm!) water and much better waves, making this a great destination for people looking for a more active holiday. Not the mention, it is just a 3hr drive from the capital city of Managua, perfect for those who would like to cut down on travel time.

Combine a few days on a Nicaraguan beach with some time in the colonial city of Granada, a day trip to the Masaya Volcano, or even a few nights in Costa Rica, and you’ll have a recipe for success. Plan South America is here to make sure you do it just right.

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