Luxury Expedition to Antarctica - Hebridean-Sky
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Luxury Expedition to Antarctica – Hebridean Sky | Plan South America


Imagine yourself on a luxury expedition to Antarctica:

Before you, vast glittering fields of ice; the natural world in its most natural state.

Luxury Expedition to Antarctica - Hebridean-Sky

A luxury expedition to Antarctica instills a genuine sense of adventure and exploration – and indeed of privilege, with few people ever experiencing the awesome scale, tranquility and fury of the great wilderness.

This Spring, the ship formerly known as Sea Explorer underwent a U$ 10m makeover, transforming her into the Hebridean Sky, the most elegant and comfortable vessel in her class.

With newly refurbished interiors, state of the art expedition equipment and an upgraded communication system, the Hebridean Sky is set to begin its first season of adventures in Antarctic.

The all-suite ship holds up to 112 passengers and boasts a first class team of marine biologists, ornithologists, glaciologists, chefs and expedition leaders. Passengers can enjoy kayaking through the ice fields, cross country skiing in the Antarctic circle and camping on the ice. The ship´s onboard photographer will capture the best moments.

The onboard kitchen is sensational and there is good Wi-Fi throughout the boat – and every passenger is given their very own expedition jacket on arrival.

Who said polar ice caps, and comfort couldn’t go hand in hand?


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