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Art | Brazil | 09.02.24

Literary Festival – Paraty in July

One of our favourite places in Brazil, Paraty is an immaculately preserved Portuguese colonial town framed by warm sands and lush tropical mountains. It is the jewel of the Costa Verde and hosts the Paraty Literary Festival every July.

English publisher Liz Calder, co-founder of Bloomsbury Publishing, who lived in Brazil and acted as literary agent for several local authors, dreamt up the event in 2003.

Paraty Brazil

The five day fair offers an experience infused with literature, art, music and film. Listen to some of the greatest names in modern literature, whilst exploring the whitewashed houses, cobblestone streets and Atlantic Rainforest backdrop. We’ll take you out by sailboat to a private beach for a spoiling lunch of grilled lobster and champagne, before returning for massages and cocktails in one of our favourite little boutique hotels.

Luxury Travel Brazil | Paraty | Rio de Janeiro

Every season displays a new landscape but May through September (the dry season) is the best possible time to observe it’s wildlife. When the waters recede, mammals move in to graze on the fresh pastures and birds flock to feast on the remaining fish. This makes it the perfect time for travelers to visit as climate and conditions are everything when it comes to wildlife spotting.

Paraty, Brazil | Plan South America

A dream itinerary might combine 3 days in Brazil’s most enigmatic tropical city, Rio de Janeiro, before heading south to the Paraty Literary Festival, finishing the journey amidst the immense plains and myriad wildlife of the Pantanal. With much distance to cover, we’re ready with boats, cars and helicopters to speed you over to the next spot.

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