Grace Galapagos


Aboard a yacht full of both charm & history, experience the wilderness of the Galapagos Islands.

Refined yet adventurous & agile, Grace Galapagos offers a safari-style wildlife adventure from the luxury of Grace Kelly’s former yacht.

What we love about Grace Galapagos

  • With only 16 guests on board, the experience is both personal & intimate
  • A sustainably sourced, cultural cuisine that pays tribute to the unique history of the Galapagos Islands
  • The yacht has been refurbished for optimal luxury, comfort & elegance
  • Two on-board guides each with over 15 years of experience & certified to the highest level attainable in the archipelago
  • Its small size enables the ship to navigate smaller channels, & shallower waters & get up close to wildlife
  • Other-worldly star-gazing of both the Northern & Southern Hemispheres constellations
  • Beautifully crafted 8-day & 14-day itinerary options that maximise exploration, wildlife encounters & relaxation
  • Daily adventures with experienced guides include snorkelling, kayaking, bird-watching & hikes
What to do aboard Grace Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are packed with spectacular landscapes, captivating wildlife, dramatic sunsets and unique terrain.

Inspired by Darwin’s 19th-century venture, both journeys have been designed for maximum wildlife encounters. Each day takes you to a new island, bay or cove offering new sights, new adventures & new wildlife.

In the early morning, the adventures start. Hike along lava fields. Kayak past colonies of sea lions. Visit private, white sandy beaches. Snorkel with penguins & turtles. Spot rare birds from the deck as the boat weaves through the legendary islands.

After the day’s activities, reflect & soak up the beauty of your surroundings from the hot tub. Enjoy an al-fresco dinner as the sun goes down. Once darkness sets in, stargaze from the top of the yacht.


The Galapagos Archipelago is a cluster of some 13 volcanic islands & associated islets & rocks located just under the equator, about 600 miles west of Ecuador.

Each journey on Grace Galapagos departs from Baltra Island. There are daily flights there from both of Ecuador’s international airports.

From Quito, the flight takes around two & a half hours. From Guayaquil, it takes around one & a half hours.


Galapagos Islands | Yacht Charter | Luxury Holidays

When to Travel

The Galapagos Islands are spectacular all year round.

Located on the equator, the temperatures don’t change significantly. However, the seasons are split into cool & dry (June to November) & warm & wet (December to May). For the best snorkelling & diving, we recommend visiting during the warm season when the water is calmer, clearer & warmer!

From a wildlife perspective, there are spectacles during each month. It simply depends on what you’d like to see!

Galapagos Islands | Yacht Charter | Luxury Holidays


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