Golfo Dulce Retreat

Golfo Dulce Retreat


Nestled in the pristine wilderness of Costa Rica, Golfo Dulce Retreat offers a unique eco-lodge experience.


This secluded haven serves as a gateway to explore the diverse ecosystems and cultural richness of the region, making it a perfect escape for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the retreat sits in one of the least explored areas of the country, opposite the Osa Peninsula and surrounded by the rainforest of Piedras National Park.


Golfo Dulce Retreat

What we love about Golfo Dulce Retreat

  • Golfo Dulce Retreat offers an intimate connection with nature, surrounded by 1,000 acres of tropical jungle.
  • Every aspect of the retreat is designed with sustainability in mind, from construction to daily operations.
  • The retreat offers direct access to a serene, palm-fringed beach.
  • Dining at the retreat includes local, sustainably sourced ingredients with a touch of Italian flair.
  • Guests can engage in a variety of nature-based activities and workshops.
  • The retreat’s location makes it a sanctuary for wildlife, offering incredible biodiversity right at your doorstep.
What to do at Golfo Dulce Retreat

Days at Golfo Dulce Retreat are best begun with morning yoga or guided hikes

Afternoons are perfect for paddleboarding or kayaking in the tranquil Golfo Dulce, where you might spot dolphins playfully accompanying you.

Wrap up your day with a culinary workshop to learn about local cooking techniques and ingredients, before enjoying a sunset meal crafted by your chef, blending Costa Rican produce with Italian culinary traditions.

Golfo Dulce Retreat

To get to here, fly from San José, Costa Rica, to Golfito or Puerto Jimenez, followed by a short boat ride across Golfo Dulce.

Golfo Dulce Retreat

When to Travel

December to April

The best time to visit is during the dry season from December to April for optimal weather conditions, although the green season offers a lush, vibrant landscape and the opportunity to see migrating humpback whales.

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