Explora El Chaltén


Sat, almost hidden, in the midst of a 5,800 private reserve, Explora El Chaltén has been designed with a deep respect for the natural & cultural heritage of the region in which it lies.

The surrounding rugged Patagonian landscapes, shaped by mountains, lakes, glaciers & rivers, are to be explored through treks, overland trips, ice hikes & rock climbing.

What we love about Explora El Chaltén

  • Their dedication to protecting & preserving their environment
  • Direct access from the Explora Lodge to Los Huemules Reserve with over 16 kilometres of marked trails
  • Surrounded by four unique Patagonian territories: Los Huemules Reserve, Southern Ice Field Zone, Parque Nacional Los Glaciares & the Desert Lake Zone
  • A 1,300-square-foot spa that has hydromassages, two saunas & five open-air Jacuzzis
  • A menu designed by two leading figures of Argentine cuisine that uses both seasonal produce & wild-harvested products
  • The luxury adventure lodge offers over 30 full or half-day explorations with experienced bilingual guides
  • Explora El Chaltén has three suites & 17 guest rooms, each with breathtaking views across Electric Valley & the Marconi Glacier
What to do at Explora El Chaltén

Lying in the heart of Southern Patagonia & bordering four unique territories, days at Explora El Chaltén are focused on outdoor expeditions & experiences.

Set off from the lodge through forests & across rivers to discover the natural lagoons, sky-high peaks & the rich wildlife of the Los Huemules Reserve. Hike through the Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, & be awed by the spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier. If weather allows, organise an expedition across the Southern Ice Field, considered one of the world’s most remote places.

Explora’s experienced guides help guests choose from the countless treks, rock climbs & guided trips, depending on their preferences & skills. The lodge is a cosy haven in the evening to rest & refuel for the next day’s exploration.


Located 17 kilometres from the town of El Chaltén in the Electric Valley, this Explora lodge sits on the north bank of the Eléctrico River in the heart of the Los Huemules Reserve, approximately three & a half hours from El Calafate Airport.

A transfer to & from El Calafate is included in each stay.

to Travel

In Patagonia, there can be strong winds & unpredictable weather all year around. However, we recommend travel during the summer months of December, January, & February.



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