Caiman Lodge


Secluded yet irresistibly cosy, Caiman Lodge is nestled in the heart of Brazil’s Pantanal, one of the most biologically diverse parts of South America.

The Pantanal is home to over 650 species of birds, 400 species of fish and 80 species of mammals.

Discover the beauty of this lodge staying at either the main lodge or one of the two private villas, perfect for small groups seeking total privacy.


What we love about Caiman Lodge

  • Across 53,000 hectares, Caiman Lodge runs three activities: ecotourism, raising livestock and environmental research
  • Casa Caiman has 18 luxurious suites, extensive gardens, a swimming pool, gym, sauna, an outdoor terrace and firepit
  • Baiazinha Lodge is a private villa with six double suites, a swimming pool and an exclusive vehicle and guide for excursions
  • Cordilheira Lodge is a private villa with five double suites, a swimming pool and an exclusive vehicle and guide for excursions
  • Restaurant with menus inspired by Pantanal recipes using only local ingredients
  • They run successful conservation programmes, including projects focusing on jaguars, hyacinth macaws and blue-fronted parrot
  • They offer day and night wildlife safaris, canoe tours, hiking, horse riding, bird watching, bike tours and boat trips
  • Each activity is led by a team of two guides, one specialised in the flora and fauna of the Pantanal and the other an expert in its culture
  • Stunning gardens with areas to chill, gather or simply take in the surrounding scenery
What to do at Caiman Lodge

Caiman Lodge, offers a unique blend of luxury accommodation and environmental engagement.

Days here are spent in the company of leading naturalists, being inspired by the Pantanal’s breathtaking array of wildlife and its incredible ecosystem. Kayak past alligators, observe beautiful Hyacinth macaws up close and encounter jaguars roaming after nightfall. There’s also the opportunity to lend a helping hand to Caiman’s various conservation projects.

Between your wildlife adventures, kick back by the pool listening to the birdsong, snooze in a hammock or read your book in a peaceful corner of the garden.

In the evenings, gather around the bonfire, sharing stories, drinking wine and admiring the night sky.


Caiman Lodge is located in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, within the southern portion of the Pantanal region. The Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland area and is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and World Natural Heritage Site.

There are two airports close to Caiman Lodge. Campo Grande, which is about 3 and a half hours from the lodge by car, has direct flights to and from Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

The other airport, Bonito, is closer to the lodge (2 and a half hours by car), but has fewer flight options.

Caiman also has a private airstrip able to receive turbo-prop aircraft, should you wish to charter a flight directly to the lodge.

to Travel

During each season The Pantanal changes a lot, and all of them are special.

Wet season lasts from December to March. Two thirds of the plane is flooded and the reflections are magical. It’s the moment in which fauna and flora are reinvigorated and it’s easy to observe aquatic birds like the Jabiru Stork, Woodstorks, ducks, teals and egrets.

Between April and June, the water levels fall and it’s possible to observe White-lipped Peccaries, Collared Peccaries, Marsh Deer and the Howler and Capuchin Monkeys. During these months, the night tours are particularly incredible.

The dry season, from July to October, is the best season to watch the wildlife. The fish are concentrated, the birds mate and Jaguars can be spotted enjoying the weather.

During November and December, it’s the rainy season. This is a great time for birdwatchers.



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