The Petrel


The Petrel is elegant, swift and silent at sea, imitating the sea-bird it is named after.

The motorised catamaran is designed for comfort and stability and is outfitted with spacious cabins, a comfortable lounge and a Jacuzzi.

Guides are selected for their remarkable knowledge on the biology and ecology of the Galapagos, introducing you to iguanas, giant tortoises, whales and much more.

This luxurious boat sleeps 16 guests on board, and each of the cabins has its own private balcony.

What we love about The Petrel

  • The best way to explore these Enchanted Isles is aboard a luxury yacht. We prefer smaller boats and compact groups, which benefit from better service and more experienced guides. The newly built 9-cabin motorised catamaran, Petrel, leads the field
  • It’s brilliant for nature lovers! A journey to the Galapagos is the ultimate wildlife experience. Some 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, this far-flung archipelago of lush highlands, volcanic landmasses, tropical beaches and azure waters is home to the richest, most diverse ecosystem on the planet.
  • Offering spacious cabins, each with a private balcony, Petrel provides an authentic Galapagos experience without sacrificing luxury or comfort.
  • On the guide side, there is a clear emphasis on the natural history of the islands, with a first rate team of bilingual biologists and ecologists, each of them knowledgeable and engaging.
What to do aboard The Petrel

The 19 different islands are a living sanctuary of land and marine species.

Spot sea lions and blue-footed boobies on North Seymour Island and snorkel among reef sharks and stingrays on Buccaneer Cove, before cruising to Bartholomew for stunning views of the volcanic highlands.

Snorkelling gear, wetsuits and kayaks are provided, so you can get up close and personal with all types of marine wildlife.


Cruises typically last 4 or 7 nights, with longer itineraries incorporating the less visited Black Turtle Cove, Albemarle Point and Espinoza Point.

With no direct international flights to the Galapagos Islands, the best way to reach the archipelago is to fly from Quito (two and a half hours) or Guayaquil (hour and a half) in Ecuador. Daily flights are available.

to Travel

All year round

The Islands can be visited at any time of year, with each month boasting an array of activities and natural delights. Seasons are split into cool and dry (June-November) and warm and wet (December-June); the warmer season is best calmer seas and good underwater visibility. Showers tend to be short, so you won’t be kept from discovering the beaches or sun-bathing on the deck.

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