Emilse Itati Diaz

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, but my roots are in Corrientes, north of Argentina, the province of the wetlands. Since I was a child, I’ve been itching to explore beyond the city limits and learn about new cultures and places. That curiosity led me to get a degree in Tourism Management and work in the travel and hospitality industry for many years. For that reason, and because I love traveling, I became the go-to person when it comes to travel planning arrangements for my family and friends.

Hey, Emilse. What to you get up to in your free time?

I love travelling; be it to another country or province, every time I get the opportunity I escape from the city off to a peaceful town. Besides this, when I have some time on my hands I love to visit new restaurants and try new cuisines that I can then recreate at home, somewhat successfully..!

Where is your favourite place?

In Argentina, it has got to be either Bariloche or Villa La Angostura; there are so many activities that you can do while enjoying the views from the mountain and lakes.

Now, if you ask me about South America, the most wonderful place I have ever been to is Cuzco, Peru; particularly the awe-inspiring wonder of Machu Picchu! I had the opportunity to hike up to the Huayna Picchu summit and it was an experience that I won’t ever regret or forget.

Tell us about a recent adventure of yours. What did a typical day look like?

My most recent trip was to Tandil, about 5 hours drive from the city with stunning views from the Sierras and amazing places to taste asado, artisanal cheeses and cured meats. The landscape is dotted with wonderful cottages with a pool and spa – a great spot for a long weekend!

Favourite haunts in Buenos Aires?

One of my favourite spots in Buenos Aires is San Telmo. There’s something about wandering
around the neighbourhood that feels like stepping back in time. The cobblestone streets and old buildings remind me of the tales I have red about the early days of the city.

I am also a big fan of the coffee culture here. We have a wide offer of coffee houses where you can sip a nice espresso or cortado while enjoying a good book or just relax and enjoy the ambiance. My top choices are La Poesía en San Telmo, Las Violetas, and the iconic Cafe Tortoni.

What’s you best insider tip?

My top tip when visiting Argentina is to explore at least one of the diverse landscapes we have. Whether it’s the glaciers and lakes in the south, the mountains and vineyards in the west in Mendoza, or the wetlands and waterfalls in the north, I can guarantee a memorable experience.

I also strongly suggest trying an empanada at least once. They are a must! While meat empanadas are the top choice, there are plenty of veggie options, Cheese and onion, and the Caprese being my absolute faves.

What is your favourite thing about Argentine culture?

Our warm hospitality. Whether you’re meeting
someone for the first time or reconnecting with an old friend, you can always expect a welcoming greeting and an invitation to join in. Be it coming along to a cultural event, sharing a mate in the park, merienda during the afternoon, or heading for beer and tapas while enjoying the nightlife of the city, you sure won’t be lonely!

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