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Luxury Trip to Colombia

Colombia is home to the greatest ecological and geographical diversity on the planet.  After more than half a century of civil war, the country is enjoying a period of peace and progression.  Out with the leftist guerrillas, in with the comfortable coffee haciendas, tropical colonial cities, Caribbean island retreats and progressive food and art scenes.

A luxury trip to Colombia offers boundless adventure and a rich and storied culture.  Its residents are often cited as South America’s warmest and most charismatic people.  While Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast, and the breathtaking central coffee region are both unmissable, some of Colombia’s most rewarding parts are harder to get to.  Those with an appetite for adventure should look to Mompox, a 500-year old colonial town on the banks of the River Magdalena; Las Amazonas, for its staggering biodiversity; the wild Pacific region of El Choco for its gastronomy, beaches, whales and national parks; Barichara, for its churches, cobbled streets and artisans; or the vast wetlands known as Los Llanos, shared between Colombia and Venezuela.

Explore Colombia


  • Cartagena & the Caribbean Coast
  • Medellin - Blue Boys - Graffiti
  • The Coffee Triangle
  • Amazon
  • El Chocó
  • Villa de Leyva & Barichara
  • Santa Marta & Tayrona National Park
  • Bogota
  • Cali
  • Mompox
  • Corocora Camp | Los Llanos
Argentina, best time to visit | Plan South America
Best time to travel

November – April

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Flight time

from London / New York: 11 / 5.5 hours

Argentina combines well with | Plan South America
Combines Well With

Ecuador & The Galapagos or Panama

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Juan Gabriel Vásquez – The Sound of Things Falling

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Eat in Argentina | Plan South America
Eat & Drink

Bandeja Paisa & Aguardiente

What people say

  • What a magnificent country this is and how well you seem to know it - every property, guide, restaurant, driver has been terrific. We can't wait to discover what you have in store for us next...
  • I cannot tell you what an amazing time we are did you manage it?!
  • We were delighted with the trip we have just completed to Brazil and Argentina. We walked down Copacabana beach, watched a tapir swim past our canoe in the Pantanal, were submerged in the Iguazu falls, conquered desert and vineyards in northwest Argentina, experienced a snowstorm in the Andes, fed Cayman off horseback and enjoyed a tango show in probably the finest city in South America. A truly memorable experience: we have no hesitation in recommending Plan South America.

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