Posada Malibu


Set back a few blocks from the Gran Roque’s beach, Posada Malibu is a charming 12-room boutique.

The owner-run guesthouse, our favourite on the island, is comfortable, with an excellent kitchen, and opportunities for kitesurfing, sky diving, snorkelling & island hopping.

What we love about Posada Malibu

  • The owner Antonio will make you feel right at home & will steer you towards the best excursions for you
  • The proximity to the beach is the posada’s crown jewel
  • Surrounded by lush greenery, the posada blends perfectly with its surroundings & creates a sense of openness
  • Posada Malibu is Italian-owned, bringing an Italian-Caribbean fusion to the kitchen
  • The opportunities are endless at the posada: snorkelling, sky diving, surfing, fly fishing, kitesurfing, yoga sessions on the beach & paddle boarding are all options here
  • Rooms are a crisp white with Venezuelan furnishings, creating an open yet cosy feel
What to do at Posada Malibu

Spend your days at Posada Malibu exploring the archipelago, known particularly for marine biodiversity, sensational beaches & watersport opportunities.

Stroll along the beach & take a dip in the Caribbean waters. Paddleboard, kite surf, or snorkel in waters filled with parrotfish, red snapper, dolphin, octopus, shark, barracuda, and the almost-extinct queen conch. Start your day with a yoga practice on the terrace with unparalleled views of the archipelago.

For those looking to relax, lay on the beach at Posada Malibu with a good book & a cocktail, or enjoy a massage on the beach. End the day back on the terrace with a sundowner.


Los Roques airport is a 20-minute drive from Posada Malibu. Los Roques airport has direct flights to Caracas, which only takes 35 mins. From Caracas, there are direct flights to Bogota, Lima & Santiago.

Los Roques Archipelago | South America

When to Travel

Los Roques is a year-round destination. If watersports & activities are a top priority, the best time to travel is during the dry season (December to April).



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