Our Habitas, Atacama


In the heart of San Pedro de Atacama lies a haven for adventurous souls.




Located in the driest non-polar desert on Earth, Our Habitas is a refuge for those seeking self-discovery and reconnection with nature.

What we love about Our Habitas Atacama

  • Our Habitas Atacama is all about embracing nature. Guests can enjoy breathtaking sunsets and stargazing experiences under the world’s clearest skies.
  • Numerous outdoor adventures are included, from hiking and biking to mountaineering and paragliding, set across otherworldly landscapes like salt flats and desert valleys.
  • There are 51 fully-equipped rooms, as well as an outdoor pool, a wellness area, a communal space, and a restaurant and bar, all inspired by the natural surroundings and regional culture.
  • The restaurant is central to the Our Habitas ethos, with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and a native herb garden where the unique flavors of the desert are celebrated.
  • A range of treatments and rituals are on offer in the wellness center, designed to promote balance and vitality.
  • Our Habitas is committed to sustainability and has been awarded the Oceanic Champion Badge for eliminating single-use plastic across their properties.
What to do at Our Habitas Atacama

Days at Our Habitats Atacama are all about finding a delicate balance between relaxation and adventure.

Start with a refreshing swim in the pool, followed by a stroll around the gardens, where the raw essence of the desert harmonises with the luxury of your accommodation.

Embracing adventure is a must here. Get out into nature and enjoy the countless outdoor activities on offer, from guided hikes and wildlife watching to biking, mountaineering, and paragliding.

Relax in the spa after a long day of excitement and reconnect body and mind.

In the evenings, enjoy local culinary delights in the restaurant before relaxing by the campfire under the clearest night skies for stargazing.


To reach Our Habitas Atacama, international arrivals will need to fly into Santiago and connect onward to Calama.

From this regional airport, the property is just over one hour’s drive.

Private transportation can be arranged on request.

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to Travel

September/November or March/May

September to November and March to May, the shoulder seasons in the Atacama Desert, are considered the best times to visit for fewer crowds and pleasant temperatures. June and July offer the clearest skies, but night temperatures can drop below freezing, while the scorching highs from December to March can be stifling in the desert.



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