Oiá Casa Lençóis

Oiá Casa Lençóis


Located in the village of Santo Amaro in the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Oiá Casa Lençóis is a gorgeous new guesthouse which sits surrounded by turquoise lagoons and rolling dunes.


The northeast of Brazil is home to some of South America’s most spectacular coastlines. Yet, its distinctive landscape keeps it off the radar for many visitors. This unique region has managed to maintain its charm as a result, even as it embraces a thriving beach culture.

Oiá Casa Lençóis offer a perfect combination of remoteness, style, and authentic Brazilian design. While suited for individuals, couples, and families, Oiá Casa Lençóis can also be booked out for exclusive use.

What we love about Oiá Casa Lençóis

  • Surely one of the most photogenic places in Brazil, the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is famous for its dramatic sand dunes and thousands of lagoons.
  • Once a working farm, Oiá Casa Lençóis is a completely renovated and transformed luxury guesthouse.
  • After a day relaxing by the lagoon or adventuring in the dunes, the restaurant offers a first class menu.
  • Michelin-star chef Cedric Nieuviarts heads the kitchen
  • Following the rainy season (February-May), natural vegetation and lagoons surround the guesthouse. The landscape provides a remarkable setting for guests to relax or try some kite surfing, snorkelling or dune buggying.
  • The guesthouse offers a total of five suites divided between the main house and two bungalows. The two bungalows each boast two suites and can be rented entirely by families or groups.
What to do at Oiá Casa Lençóis

Days at Oiá Casa Lençóis are all about variety.

Start by exploring the vast dunes. Find a spot to read and relax by the crystalline waters. Whether you experience this unique landscape on foot, quad bike, or dune buggy, you’re in for a memorable few days. Other activities include kite surfing or exploring the nearby area by road.

Later on, huddle under the clear night skies and enjoy exceptional star gazing and cosy family meals back at the house.



Oiá Casa Lençóis

Access to Oia Casa Lencois is via Santo Amaro, generally used as the gateway to the national park.

After flying into Barreirinhas airport, the transfer to the guesthouse is a 1.5 hour drive.

to Travel

June to September

The best time to visit is between June and September. With the heavy rains from March to May, the lagoons are fullest during this period.

After this window, the lagoons begin to dry up. The breeze can be deceptive; however, the sun remains strong. Expect warm temperatures year round.

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