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Nomad Lodges



A jungle haven where ecology, sustainability and community converge in the heart of the Colombian Amazon.


This small-scale ecotourism project, nestled on the fringes of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru, offers an immersive experience in one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth.

The perfect introduction to the Amazon for families who can join in dancing and playing football with the locals, swimming in the river, fruit picking, and finger painting.

Nomad Lodges embodies a dream brought to life by Pierre-André Krüger, who has made conservation and community integral parts of this life affirming experience.


What we love about Nomad Lodges

  • Founded on passion-driven vision and Pierre-André Krüger’s dedication to the Amazon’s preservation.
  • The small team hosts just one party at a time (maximum 8 people) so a personalised experience is guaranteed.
  • Every day is planned around guests, from the menus to daily activities.
  • Nomad employs a team of talented local women in the kitchen who cook up a storm to create some of the best food in Colombia.
  • All ingredients are sourced locally and given a twist by Pierre, who personally makes the bread and tarts (his father was a pastry chef).
  • Use of local materials and manpower, and alternative energy sources in a commitment to sustainability
  • You can expect fans, electricity 24/7, plenty of purified rainwater to drink, and even Starlink wifi.
  • It’s all in the detail: a handwritten welcome note, fresh juice on arrival, local infusions after dinner, a changing daily menu. Expect little luxuries such as lovely local soap, fresh sheets and a small library.
  • The main Suite – the Cocoon – is incredibly roomy and comfortable, with hammocks, a large table, huge double bed, double sink, shower and separate loo. All the furniture is made with local materials: wood, coconuts, natural fibre hammocks. There is a second Suite with two bedrooms. Note, there is no hot water.
  • The Suite is open to the jungle, there are no walls as such, just netting meaning you are protected and can experience the cacophony of jungle sounds – or electrical storms.
  • Located amid a biodiverse hotspot, offering guests close encounters with unique fauna and flora such as the pink river dolphin, monkeys, sloth and a myriad of insect and butterfly species.



What to do at Nomad Lodges

Days at Nomad Lodges begin to the shrill chorus of the Amazon rainforest.

Wake at dawn for guided walks through the intricate rainforest ecosystems, or paddle serene waters for glimpses of elusive wildlife. For those looking for adventure, the team can organise a two-day trek with camping in the jungle to the Amacayacu National Park.

Families can swim in the local lake, climb trees in the sunken forests, spot pink and grey river dolphins.

Evenings are for relaxation, reflecting on the day’s adventures in the comfort of the lodge. Join the ladies in the kitchen for a pizza making night or simply settle into a hammock for the night.

The Cocoon Suite | Nomad Lodges | Plan South America

Fly into Leticia’s Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport. Puerto Nariño is around 2 hours by private motor boat from Leticia then it’s a short boat ride up a tributary until reaching the lodge.

You can also connect to Nomad from Brazil or Peru. There is a daily flight from Manaus to Tapatika then it’s a 2 hour boat ride to Nomad.

For those with time and an adventurous spirit, there’s a 10 hour ferry (!) which connects Iquitos, Peru, to Santa Rosa de Yavari then it’s a 2 hour boat ride to Nomad. Or for those wanting aerial views of the Amazon river’s twists and turns, take the hydroplane.


When to Travel

Year round

Rainfall can be expected year round but the drier season runs from July to November when water levels are lower. Trails are more accessible, allowing deeper exploration into the jungle and beaches on the banks of the river are revealed.

Wet season (December-June) is a little cooler and means you can do a lot more navigating on the water. The higher water levels get you much closer to the jungle canopy, where you can spot monkeys and birds. You’re also likely to see many more mammals.

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