Plan South America | Field Notes | Honeymoon in South America
Honeymoon, Plan South America | Brazil Colombia Ecuador Uruguay | 31.05.17

Honeymoon in South America | Plan South America

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Weddings are wonderful…and highly stressful. And when the glorious day is over, it’s time to kick back for some long overdue R&R and perhaps an adventure or two.

We’ve cracked the South America honeymoon formula with our tailor-made South America honeymoon ideas, tried and tested ourselves, and done in consultation with you.

Whether on an Andean riding expedition, picnicking on fresh lobster and Champagne off Brazil’s Bahian Coast, conquering Chilean Patagonia’s W-trek, basking on the Uruguayan coast or road tripping through Argentina’s wine land, South America boasts a collection of honeymoon experiences perfectly suited to you and your loved one’s interests, comfort level and tastes. Here are Plan South America’s favourites:

Plan South America | Field Notes | Honeymoon in South America

Brazilian Adventure

Does your idea of a perfect honeymoon involve lazy days on the beach, topping up your tan, going for long walks and sipping refreshing cocktails?

Brazil has it all:

There’s a whole lot of Brazilian coastline to explore – over 4,500 miles of it, to be precise. And where there’s a coast in Brazil, you can be sure there are cerulean waters to wade through and sugary sands to sink your feet into.

After yet another balmy day spent on the beach, after the sun has dissolved into the fiery horizon, enjoy tropical rhythms at the nearest quaint colourful village while you dine on fresh seafood, myriad fruit and sweet, sweet Caipirinhas.

When you’ve had your fill of seaside paradise, it’s time to move inland to the vast stretches of freshwater wetland – The Pantanal. With barely any roads through this area, you’ll do most of your exploring by canoe or on horseback, adding a dynamic twist to your holiday.

Offering a wildlife experience like no other, a honeymoon in Brazil’s Pantanal offers the excitement of tracking elusive Jaguar or setting out to explore the Chapada Diamantina. With its vast rocky landscapes and plunging waterfalls, here you’ll find an ancient landscape where dinosaurs still roam.

When in Brazil, complement the best of coastal relaxation with a thrilling wildlife adventure for your perfect South America honeymoon…


Horseback riding in the Andes

Does seeing the world from a new perspective from the saddle of a horse sound like your ideal South America honeymoon? Based in Ecuador, our partners at Ride Andes run tours over various lengths of time – from 1 day (for novices) to 10 days (for more experienced riders).

With riding ranches in Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay and the Chilean Andes, Ride Andes are ideally positioned in each region, their years of know-how providing you with the best possible tours of pristine wilderness areas, backed by seamless logistical support.

One of Plan South America’s favourite riding experiences takes you through the foothills of the Andes, the Chilean countryside undulating through vineyards, forests, and rivers, immersing you in the rich gaucho heritage of the area. Each estancia you stay at overnight, a charming and welcoming, family-run homestead.

Hot Air Ballooning over the Atacama

Looking for a honeymoon South America experience that will take your breath away?

Mark your marriage with a truly unforgettable moment as you watch the sunrise while drifting in a hot air balloon over the rusty sands of the Atacama, greeting the new day over the world’s highest and driest desert.

A surreal setting for your flight, the Atacama is flanked by an imposing wall of volcanoes in the east and a section of the Andes mountain range, Cordillera Domeyko, to the west.

Float over pink sand splendour towards the appropriately named mountains of Moon Valley, tangerine dunes and salt cliffs of neighbouring Death Valley and catch a glimpse of the Salar de Atacama, one of the world’s largest salt flats.

Plan South America | Field Notes | Honeymoon in South America

Luxury yachting in Uruguay

A diminutive country with big, open skies, Uruguay offers its own flavour of honeymoon holiday.

The Uruguayan coast has charm, character and glamour. Punta del Este, one of Uruguay’s most fashionable holiday destinations, is much like its Ibiza or St Tropez counterparts.

It’s home to a succession of tiny bays, beaches and headlands set among wooded hills where celebrities, politicians, artists, models and literary luminaries set up camp for the summer.

The town’s characteristic architecture and harbour dotted with luxury yachts reflect its seasonal influx of wealth. Finding out which bars make the best clericó (a white wine sangría) and which parties host the finest DJs is our daily business – so is knowing how to get you onto the top guest lists and private yacht charters.

Let us know what you have in mind for your South America honeymoon and we will hand-craft every detail to achieve a bespoke experience for the two of you.

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