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Estancia La Josefina  

Estancia La Josefina, Patagonia | Plan South America

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Estancia La Josefina is an environmental tourism project straddling the shores of the binational Lago San Martin-O’higgins on the border of Chile. Immersed in nature and nestled far from civilisation, this family-run property stands out for adventure tourism and exclusivity.

What we love about Estancia La Josefina

  • Estancia La Josefina offers a sense of unparalleled solitude and vastness. Encounter virgin nature, a boundless landscape, and undisturbed wildlife. The journey to reach the estancia itself involves traversing glacial rivers and the vast Patagonian steppe, while condors, guanacos, choiques, and flamingos welcome you at the impressive Lago San Martín.
  • The unique accommodations add to the experience. Stay in one of three dome rooms, each with a private bathroom, hot water, wood heating, and accommodating up to four people.
  • From horseback riding and hiking to fishing, kayaking, and boat trips, Estancia La Josefina offers a plethora of outdoor activities to help you fully appreciate the surrounding environment.
  • Savor the flavors of Patagonia with meals prepared on traditional wooden stoves. Local specialties, including barbecue, disco meals, garden-fresh vegetables, and lake-caught trout, coupled with the warmth of the local people, will make you feel right at home.
  • The remote location, nestled in the Southern Patagonia mountains, captivates with its natural beauty. Embrace the solitude with no cell phone signal and limited internet use.
  • Estancia Josefina is an environmental project, and sustainability is at the forefront of everything they do here. Wind generators, solar power, and wood heating provide energy to the domes.

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What to do at Estancia La Josefina

At Estancia La Josefina, your days are a canvas awaiting your brushstroke. Upon arrival, the staff will curate your experience, offering the chance for truly personalised adventures.

Choose from an array of activities, including trekking, horseback riding, boat rides, birdwatching, and fishing expeditions. The diverse routes into the Patagonian Steppe showcase every corner of the lake’s coast, the towering mountains, and the Patagonian wilderness. Half-day jaunts, full-day escapades, or multi-day journeys are all on offer.

Back at the estancia, there’s a sun terrace, culinary tent, and even lake canoeing to be enjoyed nearby. Breakfast is available every morning, and room service can be delivered on request.


Map & location

International arrivals can connect in Buenos Aires or Santiago and fly to El Calafate Airport, which is 216 km from the estancia. The remainder of the journey must be done by road and takes approximately 3-4 hours.

Private transportation can be arranged on request.

When to Travel

December to February is the dry season at Lago San Martín and the most popular time to visit. Clear skies and warm weather makes this time ideal for lake activities and exploring the Patagonian Steppe.

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