The well-equipped yet small Camila provides an intimate exploration of the remote, wildlife-rich Galapagos Islands.

Camila is a luxury trimaran offering three, five and eight night stays onboard, cruising the Galapagos Islands of Isabela, Fernandina and Espinosa. Sleeping only 16 passengers in eight cabins, she is very small for the region, ideal for a more personal visit.

What we love about Camila

  • The eight ensuite cabins, all with private balconies
  • The spacious and open social areas, offering plenty of room to relax and read or simply take in the ever-changing views
  • The jacuzzi on the outer deck
  • The food – always very good and varied, from peppercorn steak to seared tuna, curried chicken, and barbecued swordfish with chimichurri
  • The guides, all selected for their knowledge of the archipelago’s distinctive biology and ecology, which they share enthusiastically with guests onboard
What to do at Camila

Explore volcanic remnants and rare plant life on Sombrero Chino Island. Visit the turquoise coves of Vicente Roca Point on Isabela and watch penguins at Tagus Cove.

Get up close to hundreds of marine iguanas sunbathing on black lava rocks on Fernandina, before heading to Urbina Bay to sight turtles and rays.

Explore Moreno’s beautiful rocky shoreline where rare blue herons are usually spotted, then journey to Santa Cruz to hike into the rugged highlands where giant tortoises roam free. Santa Fe Island is a volcanic uplift hosting a forest of Opuntia and Palo Santo, where endemic land iguanas are often hiding.

One of the most incredible wildlife zones in the archipelago is Espanola Island – head to Gardner Bay to enjoy a magnificent beach, turquoise waters and a large colony of playful sea lions.


The Galapagos Islands are located approximately 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. There are direct flights to the Galapagos from both Quito and Guayaquil.

When to Travel

The Galapagos Islands can be visited year round. Winter is May to November when temperatures are lower and the seas are a little rougher. Summer is December to April, and the odd downpour is to be expected. The sun is always strong due to the islands’ position on the Equator. Visibility is the same year-round, as are the quantity and variety of animals.



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