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Located in the heart of the Chilean Lake District, the spectacular Vira Vira estate rests on the banks of the Liucura River, with views of the snow-capped Villarica Volcano.

The estate has a modern farm, organic vegetable garden, wellness centre, al-fresco hot tubs & riverside grills. Escape to the expansive, 22-hectare forested estate, the gateway to Patagonia & adventure.

What we love about &Beyond Vira Vira

  • Farm-to-table dining with fresh produce from their fully working modern farm & organic vegetable garden
  • Within the estate, there is a state-of-the-art fromagerie producing cheese exclusively for the guests
  • Each of the exquisite rooms at Vira Vira has been individually designed & decorated with local handmade textiles, artwork & furniture
  • The stunning wooden lodge has been built from sustainably harvested local wood with beautiful wooden ceilings, built-in fireplaces & floor-to-ceiling windows
  • There are 39 excursions led by expert guides & tailored to the interests & fitness levels of the guests
  • They have an interactive kitchen for private group dining, cooking demonstrations & cheese and wine pairings
  • The wellness centre is set in the forest & overlooking the crystal-clear Liucura River
  • From November to March, a pilot & Robinson-66 Turbine helicopter are based at the lodge for activities & transfer service
What to do &Beyond Vira Vira

In both summer & winter, the lodge offers a range of outdoor & cultural experiences to discover the local heritage & explore the surrounding terrains.

Kayak across the clear waters of Lake Tinquiloco, raft down the racing rapids of the river or learn about the fascinating cultural & culinary heritage of Chile’s indomitable Mapuche people.

For those visiting in winter, explore the untouched landscapes of the Villarrica National Park on a snowshoe trekking expedition or dare to ski down the active Villarrica Volcano.

Each evening a four-course dinner is freshly prepared with ingredients from the farm & paired with world-class Chilean wine, recommended by the sommelier. If it’s the summer, there are open-fire barbecues along the riverbank to grill steaks.


The Vira Vira Estate sits ten minutes outside of Pucon in Chile’s peaceful Lake District. Roughly 780km south of Santiago, the lodge sits close to the Argentinian border.

There are flights from Santiago to Temuca Airport (1 hour 40 mins from Via Vira by car & 25 minutes by helicopter). Those arriving from Puntas Arenas should fly to El Tepual Airport, followed by a 4-hour 30-minute land transfer (1 hour 20 minutes by helicopter).

It’s also possible to arrive from Argentina. Fly to Bariloche from Buenos Aires, followed by a 5-hour land transfer (1 hour 30 mins by helicopter).

Lake District | Chile | South America

When to Travel

Pucón’s climate tends to be Mediterranean, with temperate, short summers & cold humid winters. For those who are interested in horseback riding, water activities & trekking, we recommend visiting during the Summer months (October – March). For those looking for a snow adventure, visit during the Winter months.

Lake District | Chile | South America


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