Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Alta Sanctuary


Cradled within the vast expanse of Peru’s Amazon Rainforest, Alta Sanctuary is a treehouse hideaway and conservation project.

The treehouse itself – modest but comfortable – is a renovated biodiversity research station and a beacon of sustainability.

Rising above the jungle canopy, Alta Sanctuary provides a priviliged viewing gallery into the world’s most diverse ecosystem.

Alta Sanctuary | South America Luxury Travel

What we love about Alta Sanctuary

  • Wake up to 360º views of the rainforest canopy, surrounded by its vibrant flora and fauna.
  • Partnering with Junglekeepers to safeguard the rainforest’s ecosystems, the property runs on renewable energy and implements waste reduction and water-saving technologies.
  • In addition to the treehouse, which sleeps two, there are five rainforest cabins, each accommodating 1 to 3 guests. All rooms offer comfortable beds, electricity, hot and cold water, mosquito nets, mini-fridges, and air conditioning.
  • The majority of staff are hired from nearby indigenous communities, providing employment and fair wages for local economic stability.
  • The treehouse is equipped with a two-way radio for communication with staff, and despite being far from cell reception, there is internet access and a satellite phone for emergencies.
  • A variety of low-impact exploration activities are on offer for guests, to enjoy and learn about the rainforest without causing any harm to the surrounding environment.
What to do at Alta Sanctuary

Days at Alta Sanctuary involve experiences seldom encountered anywhere else on Earth.

Wake up to the sounds of the jungle and 360º views of the Amazon. As sunlight filters through the treetop canopy, the rainforest awakens to a vivid display of colour.

Start your day exploring the rainforest with the Alta Sanctuary expedition team. On guided treks, receive in-depth knowledge about the Amazon and the complex interplay of life in and below the canopy.

Bird enthusiasts will be particularly delighted. Scarlet macaws, toucans, tanagers, and trogons, add splashes of color to the green canvas. The Alta Sanctuary team will help you identify each species and guide you to prime wildlife viewing locations.

As night falls, enjoy private culinary experiences in the treehouse or your cabin. The staff are on call 24/7 to cater to your every need. Clear skies also offer superb stargazing opportunities.

Alta Sanctuary | South America Luxury Travel

To reach Alta Sanctuary, you’ll need to fly into Puerto Maldonado, Peru, arriving early in the morning or with plans for an overnight stay.

The Alta team will then escort you on a 4-hour journey, including 1.5 hours of dirt track, concluding with a power boat ride down the Las Piedras river, leading directly to the treehouse.

Alta Sanctuary | South America Luxury Travel

When to Travel

May to September

The best time to visit Alta Sanctuary is between May and September, when the dry weather makes for easier jungle trekking and abundant wildlife meet on shrinking riverbanks.

The clearer skies are also better for stargazing and you can expect fewer mosquitos.

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