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The Value

The Value…

What sets Plan South America apart? We specialise, which means all of our experience, contacts and know-how is crammed into one vast glorious continent. We know the rooms, the restaurants, the terrain and distances, the guides, the private collections and gardens; what’s hot, what’s to pass on, when to travel and how to experience the very best of a region without spending too many hours in motion.

We offer peace of mind and a safety net in a part of the world where things don’t always run to plan. If something goes wrong, we’re contactable 24/7 by phone, email and WhatsApp. We speak the language and know how things work.

We check you into all flights and e-mail boarding passes for printing by hotels. If there’s a delay, we do our best to alert you in time to escape a long airport hang-out. Where available, fast track immigration is a given, and avoids hours of queuing in sweltering conditions after long haul flights.

We try to give those looking for adventure the chance to travel to the wild places – which often means those with least infrastructure. We arrange special access to private estates and family-run fincas and, where budget allows, we build camps ourselves.

We remember birthdays and anniversaries and dream up indulgent surprises. Our guests always get that little table by the window or under the olive tree, and staff have been briefed about appetites and allergies.

It is your choice, whether to work with our traditional hard-copy itineraries or interactive app.

We provide advice on everything from packing to vaccinations and recommend the best books to read ahead of your journey.  We even curate individual playlists.

Everybody has their personal vision of heaven. For some this means total independence, for others the company of the brightest and best guide in the region. We work to your brief, whilst advising from personal, tried-and-tested experience of all of our destinations. That’s why 80% of our business comes from repeats and referrals.