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Special Projects

Over the past 15 years PSA have cultivated one-of-a-kind experiences across South and Central America. Our collection of Special Projects showcase the road less travelled; blending breathtaking scenery, exclusive access to Latin America’s most magical properties and a specialist local guide in an extraordinary adventure.

The dates and duration of these journeys are based on our recommendation in order to get the very best out of the experience. If you have something else in mind , share with us the special occasion, bucket list ambition or personal wishlist and our specialist travel designers will make it happen.

For further inspiration, take a look at some upcoming experiences:

What people say

  • This trip was a game changer in our approach to photography. The landscape was spectacular and the route took us to far flung corners of the region with barely another human in sight. The meditative approach to film photography enabled us to pause, and view our surroundings in a new light. We not only learnt a great many photography skills, but deepened our awareness, understanding and appreciation of the places we visited.

The Inside Track