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Everybody has their personal vision of heaven. If, like us, you enjoy buzzy tropical cities, soulful adventure, remote outposts, funky playlists, deep baths, lolling hammocks, coconuts, caipirinhas, and oodles of imaginative little surprises along the way, then read on…

Whether lazing barefoot in Brazil, roaming Andean foothills on horseback, sleeping under canvas in the Atacama Desert or aboard a luxury yacht off the Uruguayan coast, Latin America offers a peerless combination of adventure and indulgence.  We love the challenge of planning journeys by hot-air balloon, intimate cliff-top lunches on remote walks or moonlit lobster and champagne picnics on the beach.

We know how to balance downtime with adrenaline, off-grid hideaways with unbridled extravagance, Lounge access and tips on how to maximise your chances of an upgrade. A private terrace or a plunge pool go a long way. Champagne. Lots of Champagne. A good massage here and there. We always secure that little table under the olive tree, fix guest lists for private parties and spend an eternity dreaming up little indulgences…

Let us know what you have in mind and we will hand-craft every detail to ensure you have the most spoiling adventure imaginable.

What people say

  • I can't tell you what a wonderful time we are having. This morning we took the kayaks out round to the next bay and were joined by a pod of dolphins - pure magic! Tortuguero was a great adventure and we adored Isla Chiquita. You're so clever to have laid this on last. A really wonderful place to end our trip. We're feeling properly chilled out and very spoilt. What a find, thank you!!