Epicurean | Ecuador | 29.01.24

To’ak | Sacred Chocolate from the Ecuadorian Andes

Everyone has their own special relationship with chocolate. But how many of us actually know where chocolate comes from and how it’s processed?

To’ak uses the oldest, rarest cacao variety on earth, Nacional, to make extremely limited editions of single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate.

Everything To’ak does is aimed at elevating dark chocolate making and tasting to the level of vintage wine and aged whisky.

Its flagship edition was aged for four years in a French oak cognac cask, considered the most valuable chocolate in the world.

With a mission to restore chocolate to its former grandeur, each bar is a work of art, packaged in a handcrafted Spanish Elm wood box, engraved with an individual bar number, enclosed with a booklet of the story behind each addition, with a guide to tasting and pairing.

Founded by rainforest conservationists and cacao growers, To’ak sources its cacao exclusively from 14 cacao growers in a secluded valley in Ecuador, Piedra de Plata, working to conserve Nacional cacao before it goes extinct – it was believed to be so as recently as 2009.


To’ak Chocolate is Certified Organic, Fair Trade and absolutely divine…

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