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Travel Designer

Tim Klein

What brought you to work in the travel industry?
After a period working in marketing in Charleston, I came to South America to work on farms in Patagonia. Food and restaurants are my greatest passion. The experience was fantastic. I met some wonderful people and saw a lot of the continent. Joining the PSA team has enabled me to remain in Buenos Aires and share my love of the region with our clients.

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Where to next?
To Chile’s breathtakingly remote Aysén region, in southern Patagonia.  The landscape features marble caves, glacial fields, forests, and Tolkien-esque fjords. I am very excited about driving the winding path of the Carretera Austral.

Travel tips?
Be curious, talk with everyone. I love the opportunities and experiences that present themselves through unlikely exchanges.

Also, this, from the late Anthony Bourdain, has always served me well: “Don’t drink at your hotel. Find out where the people who work at your hotel do their drinking.” Or just listen to us..!

Where to go to get away?
Three hours to the south of Santiago is a small fishing village called Pichilemu. It has some amazing surf and it’s my favorite place to escape. Big waves, craggy coastline, deserted beaches. Part of the land was bought by the Tompkins Conservation and gifted to the Chilean people, so that surfers for generations to come will be able to enjoy the area’s famous long lefts.

Any favorite trends in Argentina, where you are based?
I’m a huge fan of all the biodynamic and organic wines popping up in Argentina. I like wines that have a fresher feel and more verve.  I prefer smaller winemakers and farmers who use more organic processes. This definitely requires openness to experimentation, though!

What is the biggest staple of your travel playlist?
Fleet Foxes. There’s a pastoral feel about their music that puts me in the mood for adventure.

Why Plan South America?
Because I learn something new everyday. No matter how well I know a place, the continent is too vast for each of us to know every detail, so there is a lot of trading of information and insights between the team.  Whether a Buenos Aires restaurant has had a change of chef or we find a particularly good salsa instructor in Cartagena, we’re always revising and enhancing our offering to ensure the best experience for our clients. 

Best meal in recent memory?
Tegui in Buenos Aires.  There is little that makes me happier than sitting behind the discrete, street art-blasted door that leads into what many herald as the best restaurant in Argentina. The ideally-paced tasting menu takes you through the different regions in Argentina, showcasing the country’s diverse cuisine.

Where to go for pictures?
Uruguay’s Colonia del Sacramento is one of the most photogenic places I have visited.  Colorful, flat-roofed buildings line its cobbled streets and shady plazas, and the town sits under seemingly-permanent blue skies. It’s a fantastic place for a day spent strolling and snapping photos.

What would you bring back from South America if you could?
Asado culture in Argentina, typified by massive pieces of meat slow cooked over embers, hours spent with friends, and a steady stream of Malbec and stories (full of embellishment, of course).  

Home away from home:
Home is Atlanta, with Charleston, South Carolina following. But after a couple of years living here, my heart is in Buenos Aires.

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