A Voyage Like No Other

Experience the last truly wild continent, where icebergs tower like cathedrals, pristine ice sheets stretch to the horizon and ethereal rock formations rise from untouched snowfields. On a small group holiday to Antarctica, adventurous travellers can discover a land that was once known only to the most intrepid explorers.

From King George Island, embark on an unforgettable seven-day voyage aboard the Hanse Explorer. Built to tackle even the most challenging waters with ease, this luxurious expedition vessel has just seven cabins and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Guests are encouraged to explore all areas of the ship. As well as a spacious saloon, expansive aft deck and Finnish sauna, there are two zodiacs, two inflatable sea kayaks and a state-of-the-art Dive Centre.


December 2024


From $49,396 per person based on two sharing (single supplement applies)


12 people

Every journey to Antarctica is unique, as our route is influenced by the prevailing weather and ice conditions. Each day the Captain will discuss options for destinations of the day, which includes some truly awe-inspiring landscapes. The South Shetland Islands are home to raucous colonies of penguins, seals and seabirds as well as eerie abandoned whaling stations. Steeped in lore and history, Deception Island is in fact the flooded caldera of an active volcano where tens of thousands of chinstrap penguins roam freely. Hot rocks beneath the water’s surface warm the sea here, making it a good spot for swimming. Ethereal icebergs drift north from the Weddell Sea, and newly fledged emperor penguins waddle tentatively atop ice floes. In the western reaches of the Antarctic Peninsula, bays and islands of unimaginable beauty boast immense glaciers, ice cliffs, gentoo penguin colonies and active scientific research stations.

Antarctic adventures are unparalleled. New expeditions await each day, led by expert guides who will help you to spot wildlife and get up close to this icy wilderness. From the tenders, look out for humpbacks leaping from rolling waves, orcas patrolling the icy waters and sperm whales diving for squid. Kayak among towering icebergs in the company of comical, quarrelsome rookeries of penguins. Keen skiers can zoom down untouched mountains, while those seeking silence can camp out overnight under the stars.

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