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Road Trips, Plan South America | Chile | 21.02.24

Carretera Austral | Road Tripping Through Remote Chile

Journeying through southern Chile’s Carretera Austral on a breathtaking adventure through more than 770 miles of pristine Patagonian wilderness.

Through remote villages once cut off from the rest of the country, past glaciers and volcanoes, deepwater lakes, fjords and rivers, the Carretera Austral carves through some mesmerising landscapes. The region has a few wonderful places to stay, ranging from simple cabins and homespun boutiques to world class adventure lodges.

As you navigate along the bumpy route, you can plunge into pristine mountain rivers, picnic overlooking electric-blue deepwater lakes, hike active volcanoes, raft down rapids, cast a line for trout or ice-trek over immense glaciers.

The Carretera Austral takes you to many places; starting at its northern tip, which touches Los Lagos, and making your way down through the region of Aysen, you finally reach O’Higgins. Possibilities are overwhelmingly endless and the ideal trip begins at 5 nights but is recommended to start at 8 nights.

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