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We have put together a set of questions and answers which we hope will give you confidence when travelling to Nicaragua.


Are the borders open? If so, what are the entry requirements? 

Yes, Nicaragua’s borders are open. All travellers need to provide a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before arriving in Nicaragua.


Where will I need to wear a mask? Will I be provided with one in case I forget mine?

There is no law as such. However, most establishments require the use of masks. We will supply spare masks.


What protocols do hotels have to follow to keep us safe?

There are no laws that hotels and restaurants have to follow. Most require their staff to wear masks, but do not generally impose masks on guests. Social-distancing and common-sense precautions are expected.


Are restaurants open? Shops? Nightclubs? What are the protocols they have to follow?

Yes, these are all open. The precautions are as above.


Is there any sort of curfew?



Will vehicles be regularly disinfected? Will I have to wear a mask during transfers?

Yes, our vehicles will be regularly disinfected. Our drivers will always wear a mask, but guests aren’t required to.


Will I be tested for Covid throughout my trip? Will my guides be regularly tested?

No, once travellers have entered the country with a negative Covid test, no further testing will be required. Testing is rare in Nicaragua. Drivers and guides will not be tested but will be required to wear masks. Guides can remove their masks, remaining at a safe distance, at the guests’ discretion.


What will happen if I test positive whilst on the trip? Where will I have to stay?

The authorities will need to be notified. We will assist guests with finding accommodation where they will need to isolate until no longer contagious. We will assist as necessary, including with deliveries of food and other essentials, medical care, etc.

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