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Next Gen

As established specialists in South and Central America, our team is well-placed to shape and support Next Gen programmes to the region. We have the keys to some impressive private properties and years of experience operating in some of the wildest reaches.

We tend to choose countries that make logistical sense, depending on where clients are flying in from.  Programmes usually last anything from a couple of days to a week and involve a maximum of 10-15 participants.

We engage conservation leaders, guides, gurus and mentors to shape itineraries designed to address themes of succession, governance, philanthropy, decision-making and teamwork.  Recent programmes have included adventures in the Brazilian Amazon, Chilean Patagonia and Mexico’s Yucatan.

To learn more about our Next Gen programmes, please contact our special projects team.

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What people say

  • It has been a fascinating few days. Thanks to you and the team for making this trip such a success.