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Milly Warr

Head of Sales

Milly Warr

I first visited Latin America on a school trip to Bolivia, where I spent some time volunteering for a charity that rescues children from the streets. It was beautiful, intense, and a completely compelling experience for a 15-year-old. I have since returned nearly a dozen times and each time fall more and more in love with this incredible continent. It has so much to offer, from vibrant cities, to dense jungles and breath-taking beaches. It would be easy to spend a lifetime exploring and see but a small fraction of what it has to offer.

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Describe one of your most memorable moments in Latin America.

There have been so many, but flying a small plane over the Ibera Wetlands is one that will stay with me forever. I flew by charter plane to an incredible lodge in the north of Argentina called Rincón del Socorro, and as it was just myself and the pilot, he let me take charge of the plane! It was a surreal experience, and made even better by the striking scenery of the wetlands below.


Where have you had your best meal in Latin America?

I had the best meat I have ever eaten at MAKO Fuegos y Vinos in El Calafate in Argentina. It was truly delicious and confirmed everything I had heard previously about Argentine meat. Watch out – their portions are huge.


And the best cocktail?

It’s difficult to pick just one place that does a stand out cocktail, but Pisco Sours in general are definitely my favourite Latin American cocktail. They originated in Peru, and are mouth wateringly good. You may be put off by the fact they’re made from egg whites, but do make sure to try one – you won’t be disappointed!


Which hotel would you most like to visit that you haven’t yet been to?

I would absolutely love to visit a new hotel called Kasiiya, located on the Papagayo Peninsula in the north of Costa Rica. The hotel is made up of just seven tented suites, and it looks phenomenal. Think pure seclusion, an incredible rugged coastline, and beautifully designed luxury tents.


Where would you recommend staying to avoid the crowds?

Casa Oropéndola in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in Colombia. This is a stunning private house that can only be taken over exclusively. When I stayed here in 2019, I noticed that a previous guest had written in the guestbook “this is the closest to Heaven that I have been” and I have to agree. It’s literally located up in the clouds, and feels worlds away from anywhere or anybody else.


Which country has surprised you the most?

I’d have to say Guatemala, as I never expected to fall in love with it as much as I did. It’s super colourful, the people are so welcoming, and it feels incredibly authentic. Casa Palopo on Lake Atitlan is home to some of my favourite views ever.


Have you had a memorable wildlife encounter?

Nowhere in Latin America beats the Galapagos for wildlife, and there is one moment in particular that I won’t ever forget. We were snorkelling with a raft of sea lions, and one of them was desperate to play. I was initially nervous about how eager he was to come close to us, but we soon realised that all he wanted was to have fun. We spent the next half an hour or so swimming along, with the sea lion doing laps around us and making the best of friends!


What’s your top travel tip?

Always pack a pair of underwear in your hand luggage – you never know when your suitcase might go missing!